Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

Fr. 14 Nov 2014: Noise picnic: Konzert mit BLUEBLUT

pamelia kurstin……theremin
mark holub………..drums
chris janka…………guitar
A broken wind-up child’s toy, driving drums, theremin and distorted guitar crash together in this fun, madcap debut by three musical powerhouses.
Floating somewhere between psych and avant-rock, Blueblut’s chameleon-like players make a myriad of musical colours. Kurstin takes the role of ethereal ocean siren and walking jazz bassist, Janka of a thrash punk mathrocker and Holub seething at the back, builds and bubbles with grooves and rock energy tearing apart Blueblut’s emerging musical language and inventing new pathways.
About the individuals in Blueblut:
Pamelia Kurstin is probably the most recognisable player of the theremin in the world today, being key in the instrument’s development she is the number one go-to theremin player. Alongside her own compositions and releases she has performed with the likes of Yoko Ono and David Byrne. Mark Holub is best known as the animated Anglo-American drummer and bandleader of London based and Mercury Prize nominated jazz-rock outfit Led Bib. Holub recently decamped from London to set up home in Vienna. Flying machine maker, sound engineer, guitarist and automata creator Chris Janka is a kind of Viennese Caractacus Potts figure with a basement studio to rival Peter Blake’s. He also recorded, engineered and mastered the record.

"there’s not much doubt that Blueblut had as much fun making their new album – Hurts so Gut - as I had listening to it." Londonjazz
"…the most effective wake-up call you could ever experience" Louder Than War
"But actually comparisons are pretty meaningless with this group, in which imagination and entertainment combine to utterly distinctive effect - improv meets rock meets rampaging robots!" Jazz North East
"eine gute Balance zwischen räudigem Groove, hysterischem Sound und Schabernack" Falter

Nach blueblut wird der fast beängstigend lustig wirkende menschenfreund dj gender jackson die plattenteller für sie, liebes publikum, bedienen, es darf auch in ausnahmefällen getanzt werden.
Sollten zu viele tanzen wird hart durchgegriffen.
Alles gute.

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