Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2015

Do. 19. Feb, 19 Uhr: Symbiotic Cube SOUND ART Concert #001

We are happy to announce the Symbiotic Cube Sound Art Concert Series. We want to create a platform and coming together of artists with a focus on experimental instruments for musical expression and a special approach to sound art.

The first session will be presented to you on the fantastic Salonschiff Florentine, floating on the Danube (see map for details).

Artists and Performances:

Yen Tzu Chang
Works from Yen Tzu include experimental and excessive instrument designs, using futuristic elements such as lasers and flashing lights, but also cross combinations with hacked traditional insturments and machines which get a new dynamic when fused together to a sophisticated instrument.

David Gann and Tze Shi Lei
The artist duo is working with sound and visuals both in the hardware and in the software realm and is creating new experimental systems for audio-visual expression on that journey. Latest results is the EXO1, a wireless exoskeleton controller, certain Monome applications and a new software for live processing and arranging of Vocals.

More at www.symbioticcube.com

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