Sonntag, 13. Mai 2018

Sonntag, 13. Mai 2018 / 20.00 Uhr: Swing on Sunday with the Company B Jazz Band

The Company B Jazz Band from Vancouver will be playing in Linz, Austria on Sunday May 13th their 🎶 beautiful music🎶 for the lovely people at the ⚓ Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine ⚓. Tanzkommune is looking forward to a 🕺 swinging evening full of dancing 💃. Concert starts approx. 8 pm. Entrance free, please be generous with your visitor's donation (Hutgeld!)!

The members of Company B Jazz Band met in the Jazz Studies program at Capilano University, honing their skills studying modern jazz. Interested in learning more about what came before, the friends happened upon recordings of first the Andrews Sisters and then the Boswell Sisters. It was love at first listen, and it became their mission to recreate the sound and spirit of this wonderful era of swinging jazz music, and add their own musical personalities to the mix. The original 6-piece lineup now performs with as many as a dozen members as Company B Big Band, and as few as four in what has been dubbed The Ladies Of Company B. The latter includes the three vocalists also playing trumpet, baritone ukulele and percussion, as well as upright bass.

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